Phone: 01249 851249
A club based in the South West of England offering music events to cater for Rock"n"Roll, Rockabilly, Western Swing, Hillbilly and Blues. Top artists throughout the UK, Europe and USA.
We provide monthly gigs, allday events and weekenders


We reserve the right to announce a promotion in line with ticket sales, and equally remove such a promotion at Rockabilly Western Ltd's descretion.
We reserve the right to change the event lineup at any time.
Should any factor arise causing the venue to be changed, for the good of the paying guest, and the event, we reserve the right to do so without advance warning.
Rescheduled venues where possible will be within a similar location.
We hold a Non Refundable policy on Ticket Sales for one off events
We hold a 14 day cancellation period for weekend events from when the booking deposit has been made.
Should the promoter Cancel an event a full refund to the face value of the ticket wll be made available upon request
Should the promoter have to Postpone or move an event for any reason, the guest has the option of the balance being transferred to the new date/venue, or a full refund to the face value of the ticket being made available upon request within 4 weeks of being notified of the changes. Should no feedback be given within the 4  weeks the balance will role over to the new date automatically thereafter
(the refund request should be made in writing to only, and made within 4 weeks of the event being postponed or moved)
Rockabilly Western will only take bookings via the online presence of the website shop, paypal or in writing via email. No social media bookings will be actioned
Hours of operation are Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm only. All emails will be actioned within these hours only